The pumpkin spice sex position is a simmering-hot way for couples to have fun this fall

Gone are the days when pumpkin spice was reserved for coffee orders alone!

a couple's silhouette in bed on a background of orange and black pumpkins
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The pumpkin spice sex position is proof that the flavor of the fall has managed to seep its way into all aspects of our lives, even our most intimate ones.

Now that the autumnal equinox has officially hit and sexologists have revealed fall sex tips to help couples enjoy the pleasures of the season, perhaps that "spice" will come in handy elsewhere. If you're looking for something creative that embraces autumn in all of its glory—we're not partial to seasons here—we'll tell you everything you need to know. 

What is the pumpkin spice sex position?

Though not a new term, the pumpkin spice sex position has reemerged as a topic of interest now that sweater weather's on the horizon, even though you're encouraged to go sweater-less for the activity. In 2020, just after the height of the pandemic, Ann Summers coined the term for the couples who were holed up at home but wanted to embrace the most of the season. It was a way to keep close and cozy, and it certainly delivers. 

Now that you're intrigued by the more intimate PSLs available, how do you do it? Consider the maneuver essentially like the cowgirl sex position, but with a twist, according to Laura Whittaker, a spokesperson for the brand. 

"Take control of your partner by straddling them and outstretching your legs on either side of them, then take hold of their shoulders as they lay back, helping keep you in the driving seat and well in control," she said. 

Though it's fairly straightforward—which is a good thing, considering there are plenty of dangerous sex positions that could lead to a few mishaps—it's beloved particularly because when rocking together, the clitoris will be well stimulated. Where does the pumpkin spice come into play, exactly? We're not entirely sure, frankly, but hey, 'tis the season! 

Should you be interested in even more ways to spice things up, the sexperts over at have uncovered spooky-good sex moves between the sheets that will make Halloween a night for the (spell) books. While the likes of the Zombie Apocalypse are manageable, do note that the Ghost Rider and the Haunted House are among the more challenging!

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