Is Something About Her sandwich shop still opening? A new photo circulating Twitter has fans baffled

What's going on with Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney's 'unapologetically feminine' lunch spot in West Hollywood?

ariana madix and katie maloney at the schwartz & sandy's opening
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Vanderpump Rules season 10 was *hectic* but Something About Her Sandwich Shop brought a little peace to the chaotic season. When things weren't completely dominated by #Scandoval—FYI, as you're probably aware, Raquel has spoken out—we turned our attention towards Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix's joint culinary venture. 

Although the WeHo attraction was supposed to open its doors at some point during summer 2023, things have been pushed back. But now, an eerie photo on Twitter has surfaced, with sarcastic input from reality TV villain Spencer Pratt, and we're curious if something has happened to Something About Her.

When is Something About Her Sandwich shop opening?

Although Madix teased a late May 2023 opening of the Los Angeles bistro during that extremely tense Vanderpump Rules reunion, she later revealed to Peoplethat she had "a feeling that you will be able to [visit] this summer.” 

The wheels were in motion in early August 2023, when the establishment put out a call for front-of-house staff. Then, a video from the restaurant's TikTok emerged alongside the Pump Rules cast, saying that things take time, hence delaying the opening.

Now, however, we're nearing October 2023, and a very desolate picture of the storefront has onlookers curious about the shop's fate.


Perfection takes time!

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A glimpse at Something About Her photo on Twitter

Someone tweeted a before and after photo of Something About Her and then an empty storefront, asking what was going on. Spencer Pratt took it upon himself to retweet the photo and offer his commentary: "Was a front for a merch grab." 

Could it really be that SAH was plotted into the VPR storyline? That insinuates that the crew would've had to have known about #Scandoval, right? Would they really put in that much effort just for t-shirts and hats?

Fans have offered up a few theories in response to Pratt's accusation: "They have to redo it because of a code violation," one Twitter user wrote, though there is seemingly no theory to support this. A writer for WeHo Times believes this to be part of a revamp. My Imperfect Life has reached out to SAH for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Watch this space for further updates.

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The history of SAH

Maloney had originally envisioned opening up a sandwich spot alongside her now ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, a.k.a. Tom Sandoval's business partner and best friend, but we ultimately see her transition away from the potential project, as the Toms become too preoccupied with their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy's. 

Thus, the idea to "romanticize lunch" was born, and the ladies—along with help, of course, from Lisa Vanderpump—decided to create an "unapologetically feminine and undeniably delicious" hotspot. Not only will the aesthetic be feminine, but the menu is an ode to the ladies' female inspirations. 

“I think in the same sense that the name of the sandwich shop is Something About Her, I think that the sandwiches may or may not be named after really admirable and wonderful women both in the public eye and our personal lives,” Madix further revealed to People.

Though it might be some time before we get that Greek Salad Sandwich, you can grab Something About Her merch: T-shirts, baseball caps, phone cases and sweatshirts. Here's the scoop on Vanderpump Rules season 11, where we'll likely see this all play out.

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