Wait, is wearing socks to bed the key to a great orgasm?

See what this surprising study has to say...

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Though some of us insist on tucking in barefoot, wearing socks to bed might have its benefits when it comes to frisky activities. Yes, folks, apparently the key to a successful orgasm starts in your toes before it crinkles your nose. (Though the best sex toys will also do the trick.) 

Couples are always looking for ways to get to the grand finale quicker and want to make it more explosive when they do, even though sexologists insist orgasms don't make or break an intimate experience. But nevertheless, since they are sought-after anyway, might as well make the sensation a little stronger—especially considering all you need is a pair of socks. 

Does wearing socks to bed help your chances of orgasming?

According to researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, wearing socks to bed—*clean* socks—can help in the sex department. It's all about circulation. If you keep your toesies nice and toasty while you snooze, your blood flow won't be reduced, and *that* could put a damper on the O. When you decide to hit the hay and bundle up, you'll wake up knowing morning sex is on the table...before the pancakes.

Per the study, 80% of couples who wore socks to bed were able to achieve orgasm as compared to 50% of couples who struggled to do so after not wearing socks. Temperature is a simple factor that can make all the difference, so it shouldn't be overlooked.

"[It] will help regulate the warm temperature in your feet as well as relax the blood vessels which tend to constrict when you’re cold," Charlotte Johnson, sex expert at Mega Pleasure previously told us. "It has been suggested that socks can also enhance an orgasm because when blood circulation increases, it can play a part in increasing the chances of an orgasm."

As for the taboo of wearing socks during sex? We'll leave that up to you. And while we're on the topic of temperature, read up on sexperts' best winter sex tips that will keep things hot and steamy even when things outside feel frigid. 

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