When is the next new moon? Take a peek at the 2023 cosmic calendar and astrologers' advice

No need to wonder, 'When is the next new moon?' We have your 2023 lineup and tips straight from the pros!

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When is the next new moon? Mark your cosmic calendars, astro enthusiasts. 

Although we're always curious about the next full moon—which hogs the spotlight both literally and figuratively—its crescent counterpart is incredibly important for setting intentions and beginning anew. (Meaning it's equally as significant in the study of astrology.)

This lunation marks the time to push the "reset" button and welcome changes. Ahead of the happening, it's advised to find your favorite crystals and jot down wellness reminders in a journal (perfect astrology gifts for the zodiac obsessed, by the way). Though the new moon be but little, it is fierce, and you need to prepare accordingly!

When is the next new moon?

  • When: Saturday, October 14

This Spooky Season, welcome the new moon on a weekend. According to our in-house astrologer, Narayana Montúfar, it's going to feel like fate. 

"On October 14, we have the arrival of the next new moon, the majestic Ring of Fire new moon solar eclipse," she says. "Accumulating the effects of three new moons in one, this special astronomical event manifests in Libra, illuminating the issues that need to be healed within our closest bonds. The people that come into our lives now arrive for a very specific reason, almost as it was 'meant to be.'"

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Headshot of astrologer Narayana Montufar
Meet the expert: Narayana Montúfar

Narayana Montúfar is an astrologer and an expert in the astrological studies of the Moon and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. She was one of Medium.com’s Authority Magazine 2020’s Strong Female Leaders and one of Vogue’s 13 Astrologers to Follow in 2021.

What are the new moon dates in 2023?

The 2023 new moon calendar is as follows:

  • January 21, 2023
  • February 20, 2023
  • March 21, 2023
  • April 20, 2023
  • May 19, 2023
  • June 18, 2023
  • July 17, 2023
  • August 16, 2023
  • September 14, 2023
  • October 14, 2023
  • November 13, 2023
  • December 12, 2023

What is a new moon?

In astrological terms, the new moon is a time for planting the seeds of intention, conceiving new ideas and starting new projects, according to Montúfar. In astronomic terms, this is when the moon moves between Earth and the sun, and the side of the moon facing us does not receive direct sunlight.

What is the new moon spiritual meaning?

New moons offer the opportunity to restart, regardless of the area of your life that needs a little sprucing up—relationships, career, home and so on. What's more is that this lunation also offers the perfect time for deep reflection.

"There's a calmness that comes with this lunar event that we don't usually see, making it an excellent time to meditate and reconnect with yourself," astrologer Renée Watt says. 

Renée Watt
Mee the expert: Renée Watt

Astrologer Renée Watt has offered her expertise for a variety of publications, including CosmoInStyle, Girlboss and more. She hosts a weekly podcast called "The Glitter Cast" and is a cohost of the occult livestream  “Betwixt The Shadows.”

Likewise, astrologer Patrick Price from Nebula notes, "The new noon is called ‘new’ because it is just that. A new start, a fresh cycle, a chance to change the things that may not be lifting us towards a higher purpose or higher self. This is just another reason why introspection is so crucial during the new moon."

While you're assessing what needs tweaking, you can expect a few challenges here and there. Price suggests pushing through any hardships in order to grow. 

"It may feel uncomfortable to really reflect on where you are and how you feel in this present moment, especially if it is not something you practice regularly, but that is okay," he says. "The new moon is here to heal those uncomfortable energies, not further them, but the first step is being able to be truthful and really understand where that discomfort arises from."

astrologer patrick price
Patrick Price

Patrick is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through starts and finding purpose in life. You can always connect with him in Nebula.

What are some new moon rituals?

According to Price, we should all be cleansing during this lunation.

"The most important time of the month is the new moon because it’s the start of the new cycle and [you need to] create a warm, neutral energy," he says. 

All you need is a fresh lemon from the grocery store. Cut it into pieces and place it in each corner of the room where you're planning on spending a good chunk of time. Though it seems a bit gross, let the negativity get soaked up in the fruit instead of your day-to-day. (Yes, you'll be able to see the results.) 

"It’s worth the effects of sucking all negative energy out of that space and collecting it inside the lemon," Price says.

Similarly, crystals for protection can function the same way, particularly black tourmaline. 

"It’s the ultimate protection crystal that creates a shield around you and your space by absorbing negative, toxic, harmful or draining energies, and repelling psychic attacks," Anubha Charan, luxury beauty expert and creator of The Beauty Gypsy previously told My Imperfect Life. 

Additionally, if you're particularly fond of meditation, bubble baths, a cup of tea—or all of the above—now is a good time to keep wellness in mind. 

"The best way to prepare for the new moon is to make sure you leave some time aside for yourself," Price adds. "Don’t fill up your diary with plans, allow yourself to have space and time from the outside world. Self care is vital around this time too, it’s important to feel nourished - so whatever your favorite self-care adventures are, be sure to indulge yourself."

Ready for the new moon now? You have all your bases covered! 

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